Victim of fraud?

Have you been the victim of ‘contactless’ crime, or an ‘e-pickpocket’ style fraud? 

If so, we want to know and may even be able to take your experiences to a wider audience. RFID Protect regularly offers guidance to law enforcement agencies, broadcasters and journalists alike. (Our products have been featured on ITV’s flagship magazine programme ‘This Morning’, as well as widely talked about in the national press and online.) Proven examples of actual ‘e-pickpocketing’ are always something we’re interested in, and if you can let us know about your experiences of ‘contactless’ crime – we’ll do our level best to make sure others get to hear about them too!

Please email us at

Get involved…

Our current product range is specifically designed to block attacks on 13.56MHz contactless cards and similar same-frequency RFID devices. Our sleeves, wallets and card-holders all meet US Government FIPS-201 requirements, and provide users with a low-cost and convenient security solutions.

We’re always interested in integrating our protection technology with other products, and there may be potential for partnership arrangements.

Please email us at with your business or partnership proposal.

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